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Ok we got pictures…

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Ok everyone. I got some good pictures I think. Thanksgiving is passed. Tiffany’s 5 yr birthday is gone. The 3 parties she had for turning 5 are gone and done. Whewww. She partied like a rock star.  We had wayyy to much milk and too many cupcakes. We were all sick! Everyone had a great time.  Except, I think all the parents wanted to kill me for putting 1/2 the kids in the neighborhood on a sugar high.  I think the cupcakes had more buttercream frosting than cake.  Fortunately, they were able to burn most of it off during the gymnastics party we had. Soo.. let me add the pictures of  Nippertails hat and the Tiffany Leg Warmers. BRB with those!


OK, It’s time!

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The pictures are coming! I promise! Today if it kills me. I have to finish a Tiffany Legwarmers for her Birthday today (Just a few more rows will do the trick) ! Wow….Maybe Tiffany can model them?? We shall see about that when she wakes up.. It depends on her mood when she wakes up. So, far I have the Nipper Tails Hat, Tiffany Leg Warmers and I have a Test Pattern on my needles. Which is going to be a surprise. It is not my design. I will post a picture of the FO when it is done. It is being knitted in lovely Noro Silk Garden. In pink purple and brownish colorway. My favorite! I need to CO of Fingerless mitts to go with the Leg Warmers. Today, I have the vision to get some UFO’s finished! Right before Christmas hustle and bustles begins.

Busted…..again :(

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Hubby cut of the yarn buying binge. I guess someone has to save me from myself. I did get some great deals on yarns though in the last month. I found that there are people on ravelry that are willing to part with their yarn! Shhh don’t tell anyone. I also been checking ebay consistantly for good deals. You have to check all the time. There is tons of repitition from the same sellers where I found seriously inflated prices. If you got the time to crawl around on ebay you can find some good deals. Then you must decide if it is worth it to you to invest the time scouring for the deal. Really, you do have to be frequenting ebay to catch the person who is honestly trying to destash and is willing to part with it for a fair price.  Also, had some great sale prices. Got some Noro there. A whole bag of Silver Thaw 1/2 price! What a bahgan! I have not found an LYS that I love since I moved. Since, moving the yarn stashing has totally decreased. Not feeling my local LYS. I have resorted to a lot of online yarn purchases.  I do tend to go to the LYS quite a bit to see if anything new has arrived or if I need needles pronto. I do like to shop there for books too. This is me in a LYS… Please, sell me. Please, take all my money for yummy yarn.  LOL.. I feel let down walking out with out any yarn!

And we’re off!

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The new group is off to a great start! So far we have since I last checked 33 new members in 24 hours! I think that is fantastic 🙂 Please, tell your friends on Ravelry to join. All ready in 24 hours there has been fun conversations, talks of a charity KAL and lots of introductions going on. So grab a drink and drop by.

New group at Ravelry starting

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I am starting a new group at Ravelry for anyone who loves Itty Bitty Hat’s and Itty Bitty Nursery.  Please feel free to discuss the books and share your finished objects. Hope you come by 🙂 The name of the group will be Itty Bitty Knits!

Another project and more yarn!

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Yep, I must had been too tired to blog last night. I drove an hour and 15 minutes (1 way)  to check out a yarn shop I had never tried before. I went to the website. Read about the store and decided to make the trip. Not that I needed to buy anything else. So, I get there and I was like this is it? Not what I imagined. Hmmm. The woman there was wonderful and very helpful. Not a very big selection at all. She did have some nice yarns though. The LYS is a shop that is out of a home. I’m not sure if they live there. There were a few rooms with yarn. Rest of home was not open.  We get to talking about Noro and she said she probably was not going to carry it any longer. She found a cheaper brand to carry that she thinks she liked better. She had a really good Noro selection. That was a huge bonus for me. I love Noro. Then we chatted about Cascade 220. I love how 220 felts.  She thought she was going to stop carrying that too for the Galway. Which, I have never used to felt. So, I am getting to the point where is it going to be worth it for me to drive here to yarnshop? I drove an hour and 15 minutes and by golly… I wanted to buy something to justify the drive! So, She suggested a pattern and I left with some beautiful colored skeins of Cascade 220. I will probably go back. Since, she was so nice and helpful. I enjoyed talking to her and watching her knit for a bit. I guess maybe I am looking for a LYS I can drop into weekly. Knit, shop and talk.  I feel very limited since our out of state move from PA.  Any of you in PA in the Philly or Reading area and ‘burbs please don’t take for granted your yarn mecca! Support your LYS 🙂

We need Pictures~

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I’ll be working on that in the next 2 to 3 days. I am about finished my Tiffany Legwarners. They are hot! I just love Noro.