Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties

Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties

I found this pattern on Ravelry. If any of you have made these. I am only as you can see getting ready to begin the 2 group of knitting in the round. The sides and front of the foot seem like they will be kinda high. So, I am getting closer to the point where you have to do the short rows for the shaping. These are being knitted on a size 4 needle. I used size 1 dpn’s on the first try and they were way, way too small. So, It is now looking like a 4 might be way , way too large.. If you are interested in this pattern you can use the link in my blogroll. It is a free pattern. I love the little story they tell about it.


2 Responses to “Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties”

  1. vfletcher Says:

    I knit these booties *all the time* I love them, and so does everyone else 🙂 my favorite needle size to use is #2 – and i like to make them in superwash wool – or washable blends (love panda silk for these)

    I have started knitting them top down instead of bottom up. The instep shortrow piece loks neater for me that way

  2. women with big butts…

    […]Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties « Yarnoverheels’s Weblog[…]…

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