More Cup Cake Mitts

Cupcake Mitts

This is a picture of the children’s Cupcake Mitts Pattern, by Karen Neal. I will be starting to knit a pair today! I think they are so adorable. I think that my daughter would love these. They are so cheery and bright.  Perfect for the little cupcake in your life! I will post my progress to show the world!

 This pattern can be found on Etsy for purchase from  BTW, tell her I sent you!


3 Responses to “More Cup Cake Mitts”

  1. I wish your daughter could have joined us for this little tea party/photo session. We had so much fun with the girls posing their little hands and discovering the wonder of wearing beautiful warm mitts that allowed you to use your fingers for more important things like EATING CUPCAKES!


  2. Will you make a pair for my pair of cupcakes too (the girls, not the one’s I just crocheted!)? I’ll have to get the pattern. Still waiting for the picture of the skirt!
    ps the skates were the regular white kind that were a bit beat up and scuffed and then my friend painted them to match the princess’ room.

  3. yarnoverheels Says:

    Lisa, If I could get my cupcake to sit for 1 minute it might happen! I’ll shoot for a picture tomorrow. I have to take some pictures to post to the blog anyway! I really love those skates there adorable!
    🙂 Teresa

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