Paybacks are a B**ch!!!!!!

I dunno what to say….. I have been going nuts trying to find Julia yarn by Nashua. Well, I found some on Ebay. I ordered 10 skeins. I picked 4 different colors. So, this is what Trixie, did to it. She got her scissors out to do crafts. I gave her a ball of Peaches and Cream she could totally annihilate, do whatever she wanted to. I guess it was not good enough or she got bored. She it cut it to pieces and glues it to paper and so on. Well, She was quiet and I thought I should check on her…. Well, she swiped my brand new precious Julia in midnight blue (1 of the 2 I ordered).. I guess it could be worse. It wasn’t her hair. No one is hurt. I just started letting her have scissors again. She recently in the past experimented on her bed sheet. I was upset. I found after washing them that there were tears or cuts. I look closer and realize that they looked too perfect for the washing machine to have eaten the sheets. So, she finally admitted to me she made the cuts with scissors. Then a week later I found more cuts when I laundered the sheets again. She admitted again. Uggg.. She is making me crazy. I love her so much. I just wish she would stop with the scissors.. It has just dawned on me writing this post, I guess this is my payback. My Mom had to hide all the scissors in the house when I was little. When I was her age my friend left all her Barbies at my house. She was so mean to me all the time. Kinda bullyish. Maybe, she didn’t deserve it but, I gave every last Barbie she had a haircut. Yeah, I was in trouble for that one. I was allowed to go to her house and play the following week and all her Barbie’s had wigs! I thought it was funny for years after that later. I guess paybacks are a B**ch sometimes. Well, the cutting never stopped in my case. I became a hairstylist and scissors are my weapon of choice.. I am glad now that I did not yell at her or punish her. We had a long talk about it though.


8 Responses to “Paybacks are a B**ch!!!!!!”

  1. My son did this to a ball or two of yarn a while back. I put it away in the yarn closet for a while to think about whether or not it would be worth rewinding to see if any was still useable. Of course, I forgot about it. When I found it last weekend I had a good laugh about it.
    One day this will be amusing. 🙂 Maybe…

  2. I have heard from several hair stylist that their interest in cutting things started very early! Maybe it’s time to buy some cheep wigs and give your daughter a lesson. BTW, I feel your pain for the yarn. I keep lots of acrylic around for arts and crafts.

  3. yarnoverheels Says:

    Well, the yarn doesn’t look that bad. She got some good deep cuts. I will try to use as much of it as possible. I can kinda laugh about it today.

  4. Ha!!! My daughter did this to the brand new loveseat when she was a mear two years old. I didn’t know safety scissors could go through fabric so nicely!!! Then it was her bangs, she had lovely long hair, and NO, zero, zip, nadda for bangs. I cried.

    Also want to let you know your scavengerhunt package will be going out the end of the week if I am not able to get it out tomorrow. I need to put the finishing touches on it. 🙂

  5. my DD was like that (still is, I guess, at 7).

    i believe WEBS had Julia on sale recently (in Feb). not sure if they have your blue, but there are two there now:

  6. Oh my gosh! I’d rather my kids cut their hair than my YARN!!! Hair grows back, but yarn doesn’t, lol. Does the e-bay seller have any more available from the same dye lot?

    When I was little, I gave my friends doll a hair cut. I had never tried to cut hair before, but I just “knew” that I was good at it, lol. The doll ended up bald. My friend (and her mom) were not thrilled AT ALL, but the intent was innocent (and I did get permission from my friend BEFORE taking scissors to her dolls head), so I was forgiven quickly.

  7. I found that having lots if acrylic yarn satisfied the kids need to cut. Also putting it in a “special” box that they knew was theirs and theirs alone stopped the mutilation of my wool. Now if only my cat would stop chewing my yarn, especially my 100% wool and my Brilliant. I can’t leave these out at all when she, Smokey, is around.

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