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More Cup Cake Mitts

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Cupcake Mitts

This is a picture of the children’s Cupcake Mitts Pattern, by Karen Neal. I will be starting to knit a pair today! I think they are so adorable. I think that my daughter would love these. They are so cheery and bright.  Perfect for the little cupcake in your life! I will post my progress to show the world!

 This pattern can be found on Etsy for purchase from  BTW, tell her I sent you!


Say Cheese Trixie

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OK, I had to have her stop for a second to capture and savour the moment. She is thrilled with all the praise she is getting and is eating it all up. Ahh, I am so proud of her. She made my day. I hope she finds the joy in knitting that I have. I love you Trixie!

It’s late..I think she gets it!

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This is Trixie in the process of learning to knit. It’s bed time and I am letting it go. I was able to walk away get the camera and take some pictures while she was so intently knitting. The needles are really too bog for her to handle. I think she is holding her own though!

She stole my glasses and my knitting!

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She stole my glasses and knitting!

Ok, I remember imitating my Mom when I was little. It was to be mean though… I just had to laugh when I saw this going on while I was making dinner tonight. I thought to myself is she being a brat and making fun of me? I am thinking my perscription glasses are going to hurt her eyes.  So, I watched closer without laughing. She say’s do I look like a grandma? With my glasses down on her nose like my Mom. lol… She was really trying to get her knit on…. Then she has an idea and went running to the garage and I knew what was coming next..So, she remembered her knitting kit Daddy got her for Christmas. She remembered it was sitting in the garage with some of her things. Instantly she wanted to knit with her needles which are like a 15 and her rainbow yarn! So, I feel a little bad that I gave her a hard time about opening it. Finally I gave in and said OK. If you want to open this kit you have to learn how to knit a scarf. I have to teach you how to do it. She agreed. I then casted on for her. I held her hands through the first row. We said the rhyme. I didn’t count but I think she did 3 or 4 rows by herself. I watched with amazement! I felt so much joy. So, after that I took it away from her. I said if you are good and your listening is good tomorrow I will let you do some more. I think that is something I read about EZ’s mother doing to her when she learned to knit. She only allowed her to do just a little everyday. She had to earn it. So, Tiffany was very excited that she could do more tomorrow! We will see…I am going to bed a happy Mama tonight..

How Cute! Booties!

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This is the first bootie completed. I do get 2nd sock syndrome. I have to tell you though I have casted on right away for the 2nd one. The eyelets you notice in the bootie are waiting for a pretty ribbon. These booties were fun and fast to knit. It took my awhile to finish it not because of being hard. It was that I got involved in listing stash on Ravelry, daughters schedule and our move. I can’t wait to give these to my sister at her baby shower. The booties are a great stash buster. These again are knit in Cascade Fixation yarn. I’m sure you could use just about anything you wanted permitting you use judgement to get the size you need. The pattern is a FREE pattern for Christine’s Stay On Baby Booties. I originally found it through Ravelry looking at the baby booties that were completed. The link is located on my side bar if your interested.

Olive You Hat

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Olive You Hat

Awhile Back I blogged about a Knit A Long for the preemie babies. This is one of the hats I choose to do for my Ravelry group Itty-Bitty Knits. The pattern is in the book Itty Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson. All the hats she created are just sweet and special. I think this might be my favorite one out of the book. I decided to leave off the little pom poms on the corners since they are for little babies. My pom poms don’t come out well sometimes. I made one and had to try tying it a few times and for some reason. I can not get it tied tight enough so you can’t pull out the strands of yarn that make up the pom pom. I just thought the hat just might loose my poms anyway. It is just as cute with out them 🙂 Even though I love the added touch of the pom poms. As it stands with the colors for the pattern it is adaptable for either a girl or a boy. I have to go choose another one to knit.
The hats are starting to come on for the donation. I will take a picture and post about all of the adorable hats we will be sending. I will keep you posted.

Hand Made with Love XO XO

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Well we been working on this for 2 nights. My theme this year is ginger bread people. I love primitive looking things. My daughter every 5 minutes asks me if they are dry yet. We had such a good time making these. I thought it was a great craft to do with the kids. I wanted to post my recipe for these. You can do any shape you want

Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

3 Cups Cinnamon
2 1/2 Cups Cinnamon Apple sauce
1/2 cup white craft glue
2 TBS ground cloves
2TBS nutmeg

Mix Cinnamon, applesauce and glue util the dough is well blended. This took a little time. Add in the cloves and nutmeg. Once all ingredients are mixed you may need to knead the dough. It should be thick and sort of stiff like cookie dough.
If dough is too wet add a little cinnamon sparingly. If dough is too stiff to roll out then add a little applesauce or craft glue ( be careful adding glue you have some room to do so just don’t over do it)sparingly to get desired consistency.

Take dough and form a ball to roll out. Dough should be like a 1/4 inch thick after rolled. Use desired cookie cutter shapes. I laid them out on the shiny side of freezer paper. Please note, you will want to turn these over periodically every 4 to 6 hours initially while they are starting to dry. This will prevent the edges from curling up. You will notice that they will also shrink and become smaller than the original size. I would recommend using larger shapes over the smaller ones. You can also sprinkle a little of any of the spices used out on the rolling mat and on top of the dough to prevent dough from sticking to the mat and pin. Make sure to put a hole in the ornament for hanging. You could use a straw or a toothpick to get the desired size needed for your ribbon to fit through the hole. Keep in mind shrinkage. Make the hole a little larger than you think it should be.
Drying time Should take 3 to 5 days setting out. If you get antsy like me this is what to do…..I left mine sit for a day then decided to turn on the oven to 200 degrees. Place them on a lined cookie sheet with parchment paper. Place them the pre-heated oven for 30 minuted them flip them to the other side and place back in the oven for another 30 minutes. I would flip them in the oven every 30 minutes until dry.
After they are dry and completely cool feel free to decorate them with glitter glue, fabric or paint. Enjoy!