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Review Wednesday! Cupcake Mitts!! Who Say’s You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!!!

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Cupcake Mitts

After seeing these and getting the pattern. I wanted to include these on my Wednesday review. I know I usually talk about yarn. I could not resist doing this pattern today and it does tie in with yarn. I had to get this pattern after seeing these on Ravelry. I think they are so cute. Don’t you? They look like a lot of fun to make. The beautiful yarn is Nashua Julia. It is a blend of wool, alpaca and mohair. The colors are to dye for! The softness of the yarn makes it a pure pleasure to knit with and wear. I will be starting my children’s version of the Cupcake Mitts today. There is an additional post about the children’s pattern right below this one. I will blog about my process soon 🙂

I had never purchased from Etsy and wanted to tell everyone how easy and nice it was compared to using ebay. This was my first purchase from Etsy. I will certainly go back to shop for more. Karen, I hope you keep writing cute patterns. You’re so talented. If you have to have these too you can purchase the pattern from  on Etsy. I also have included her link to the right in my Blogroll!  Psst… Tell her I sent you! Enjoy 🙂


More Cup Cake Mitts

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Cupcake Mitts

This is a picture of the children’s Cupcake Mitts Pattern, by Karen Neal. I will be starting to knit a pair today! I think they are so adorable. I think that my daughter would love these. They are so cheery and bright.  Perfect for the little cupcake in your life! I will post my progress to show the world!

 This pattern can be found on Etsy for purchase from  BTW, tell her I sent you!

Design your own

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I am lately looking at patterns thinking. I should be totally designing my own. Lately, I am seeing a lot of things that inspire some knitting design of my own.  I’m not sure where it will get me one day. I am having some good idea’s though. I think my family is starting to take the kntting a little more seriously now. I have a few family members who have inspired me since I was very young.  Mostly, My Grandmother, My 2 Mom’s. I remember knitting very young. They everyone took up  the crochet craze. I guess when they took up crochet. I was more interested in cutting my Barbie’s hair and riding my bike. I can crochet a granny square and a ripple afghan. They did manage to teach me that.  As an adult the knitting seems easier. I’m sure that many of you have similar memories of your loved ones teaching you to knit or crochet too. It’s nice to knit and think of my Grandmother.  I get the most joy knitting for my daughter. She totally loves the handmade items. She’s totally interested in the whole process and loves watching the skein of yarn develop into something she can physically wear and call her own.

  So, on that note. I am off to picture a Wip of my Cat Capelet in Noro Iro to post later. I need to work on my Gauntlet pattern I am writing. I have a few things in my mind for hat designs also. As soon as I have something more solid on my original designs I will post them also. What or who inspires you?

Need to Make the Gauntlet’s

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I so now need to make the Gauntlet’s, Fingerless Gloves or Fingerless Mitts. Whatever you like to call them! You will see them here soon! I will be making my own design and knitting them in Noro Kujaku to match the Nippertails Hat and the Tiffany Leg Warmers.