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Birthday Swap

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Birthday Swap

I got my Birthday Swap in the mail yesterday. I got my picture and wanted to tell everyone how much I liked my gift! First, Thank you Marisol. You did really well picking out my goodies. It’s scary how well she did without knowing me. There is 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon, a skein of lovely Malabrigo. There is a knitpicks yarn dying pattern and yarn. That will have to be a project for a warm day. There was also, addi turbo’s, Holiday Interweave Knits, cute leafy stitch markers and some M&M’s! The Noro is actually a color pattern I picked to do my Kid’s Club skirt in. So, I all ready know exactly what I will be doing with that yarn. Making a hat or a Booga Bag to match that cute skirt. I think I will just keep the Malabrigo as a pet for awhile to stroke since it is so soft. Thank you again! I just wanted to gush over the goodies! They are still on my table, nicely placed. So, I can drool when I walk by and try to decide what to make! Yay! I’m so excited!


Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

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Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

This is the Kids Club Skirt from the book Greetings From the Knit Cafe. I love this book. I also loved knitting this skirt! It was fun. It was also a great stash buster. You can pretty much just use what you have. Some of the striping though is Noro Kureyon. There is a litte Bazic superwash is Yellow. I also added some On-Line Punta and Lion brand orange eyelash just for funsie’s. Looks like I more different yarns than I actually did. Thank you Noro 🙂 lol…. My daughter has patiently waited for me to finish it. I will have to add a picture of her wearing it when she finally gets to try it on for me. Oh she’ll be so excited to see it done tomorrow when she gets home! I can’t wait to make a 2nd one! Enjoy!

My ladder Shawl

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This is a Chris Bylsma pattern.  By the way she is one of my favorite designers. I have alot of her patterns. The name of this finished pattern is Ladder Shawl. I loved working on this project. It used tons of stash yarn. I enjoyed the randomness of which yarns to use. I took Stashology 101 at my LYS. Chris Bylsma came herself and taught the class. That is when I first saw the shawl. She brought with her completed items from a lot the patterns she wrote. I knew I had to make it.I adjusted mine to be longer than the pattern called for. It is easily 9 feet long. I did this to use more yarn and I wanted to be able to wrap it around a couple times. Some of the stash yarn used was Berroco Glace, Noro Kureyon, Manos Del Uruguay, Trendsetter eyelash, Venezia and many more others. The colors were just all earthy blah colors besides the red and pinks.  Most yarns that were purchased in my stash were just orphans that were significanlty reduced in price. All nice yarns though. I will have to check my pattern. Every time I introduced a new yarn I wrote it on my pattern. When I find the list I will update this post here on my blog. The hardest part for me was when doing the ladders I had some mohair in here and it was a b. to separate from the Manos and Kureyon at times. The other issue was it was very time consuming weaving all the ends in every where. I’m glad I made this. I have to say it is very warm and cozy despite it being such an open pattern. I will also be adding this to my Ravelry notebook and posting to the Stash and Burn 2008 group! Enjoy!

Lacy Leaves Scarf

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Lacy Leaves Scarf

This is a test pattern I was selected to do on Ravelry’s Testing Pool group. The pattern was written by Ravelry’s MandyKnitster. This scarf was nice to knit. I love the look and definition of the leafy pattern when it was blocked. I also loved the Noro Silk Garden. Which I keep a hefty stash of. I love the feel of the yarn. I dunno what I am saving it for yet. So, I was pleased that Mandy selected Silk Garden. Surprisingly, I did not own that colorway yet. Anyway, loving the pattern and the yarn I was not sure I loved the combination of the 2 together. To me in my opinion the pattern was dressy and delicate. Yes, Noro Silk Garden to me because of the silk is dressier and more delicate. The pattern gets lost in this yarn and to me the colors stand out more than the actual pattern. Pattern was lost in the dark area’s and hard to see. The scarf is soft, warm and functional though which I liked. I will be toying with this pattern in a few different yarns soon to see what will make her pattern pop more. It also would look beautiful in Euroflax Linen with the pattern doubled or tripled wideness for a table runner or dresser scarf.

Stash Diving Day!

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Ok, I been in my stash for a bit today. Taking some pictures.. I love when I find something I love that I totally forgot about having. I found more Noro Kujaku.. I totally love the rainbow colors.. I loved this yarn for the Nippertails Hat. Maybe, I will make another one. I also, found a few Wip’s. Thats another topic though. I found a few skeins of Manos… Ohhh and lots of mohair. Some Punta. I have lots of Cascade 220 and Brown Sheep. I just love anything different though. I just had to share my find of the day!

Oh My Calorimetry!!

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Originally uploaded by yarnoverheelsThis is the Calorimetry I made in Noro Kochoran. The pattern can be found at Please keep in mind what your seeing is a version of the posted pattern. The one you see here is for a 4 to 5 year old child. My version is a lot fewer stitches and the short rows are not the same as in the pattern. Following the pattern on Knitty you should get a much larger adult version.

Cat’s Ribbed Capelet

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Well, I been working on this for a year. I am making it for my darling Tiffany. These colors go so well on her complexion. I can’t wait to get it done. I really love Noro self striping yarn. I think Iro is my favorite Noro yarn. However, I did not love that this pattern was not written to knit in the round. . My concern was knitting the 2 sides and matching the stripes. So, I put a lot of thought in to knitting this in the round and decided to do so. I was fine until I hit what should have been side two when it came time to decrease. So, I was frogging on this project tonight. I ripped back maybe 8 rows. I decided to sit up tonight and figure it out somehow. I think I am on my own at this point knitting in the round. I guess it was a good challege. It shows that sometimes things are not as easy as they should be. If I can figure it out. It will be so worth it in the end. All I can say no seaming and matching stripes. We had a long discussion about it at the LYS I purchased the yarn from to do this. There was a lady there who did do her’s in the round. She could not remember how she did it though.. I hope I can figure it out with out having to frog it all. Knitting more now than I did when I started this project. I will find out in a few minutes when I whip out the pattern. Maybe, I have too many sts for knitting this project in the round. Converting sometimes can be tricky.