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Review Wednesday! Cupcake Mitts!! Who Say’s You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!!!

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Cupcake Mitts

After seeing these and getting the pattern. I wanted to include these on my Wednesday review. I know I usually talk about yarn. I could not resist doing this pattern today and it does tie in with yarn. I had to get this pattern after seeing these on Ravelry. I think they are so cute. Don’t you? They look like a lot of fun to make. The beautiful yarn is Nashua Julia. It is a blend of wool, alpaca and mohair. The colors are to dye for! The softness of the yarn makes it a pure pleasure to knit with and wear. I will be starting my children’s version of the Cupcake Mitts today. There is an additional post about the children’s pattern right below this one. I will blog about my process soon 🙂

I had never purchased from Etsy and wanted to tell everyone how easy and nice it was compared to using ebay. This was my first purchase from Etsy. I will certainly go back to shop for more. Karen, I hope you keep writing cute patterns. You’re so talented. If you have to have these too you can purchase the pattern from  on Etsy. I also have included her link to the right in my Blogroll!  Psst… Tell her I sent you! Enjoy 🙂


And Look At This!

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Stash diving today produced another WIP that has been hibernating. This must be finished asap. I will update this post when I come across the pattern in my handy dandy pattern book.  I do know it was knitted with Brown Sheep Worsted. I love the color! But wait! Houston, It looks like we have a problem! Looks like the opening for the head is too small. Opps.. Most kids have big heads in proportion to their little bodies.

Just had to share…

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You know me. I like to share. I wanted to pass along. There is a website for Larissa Brown’s new book coming out called Knitalong. The website is Now I am excited.  Plus, I all ready plugged it in a post a while back. I have been waiting for this book to come out. I would pre order but the book is out in March and we are moving. So, Just gonna wait til lit hits the shelves I guess. You know what the nice thing was. You could go to the site about the book and save these projects in your Ravelry queue! There is 20 projects that are just to cute for words! You know I can’t wait to get my mits on this book… I have made Larissa’s Meathead hat a few times over now and her Fixie Hat. Her patterns are fresh and something different! She has been wonderful helping me with any questions I had about the patterns also! I just know her book will do well! Check it out! Pre order! I think it is a must have.. I must have and so should U. I have to say I am not afflilated with the Author. I love the idea and concept of this book. It is something different that I do not all ready own in my book library. Besides lots of people like KALS 🙂

Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together

So Pretty!

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I found this in my stash today as I was adding to my online stash at Ravelry. Good thing I really like it! I have a ton of it. With no specifc project in mind. I am more of a wool knitter or natural fibers. I love the jewel tones. If you have any idea’s for this beautiful ribbon please, feel free to comment. It was so pretty at the LYS I could not help myself. I have a bit if a knitters block right now. I mostly knit for my little girl. I picked this out to make something for her.
I just joined a group called Stash and Burn on Ravelry. Yes, you need a Ravelry membership right now to join that group. That group after reading posts there has inspired me to start logging my stash on Ravelry in my notebook there. I did not start to realize what a valuable tool this could be until starting to add the yarn. What a task though. I guess I am kinda finding it can be a slow task. I wish there was some kind of option to share photo’s of yarn, instead of taking all the pictures and loading them myself. I think that is what takes the most time. I’d be willing to share my photo’s I am taking to help people down the road. It’s nice to have them loaded on Ravelry. Yet at the same time I don’t want to take the space up on my computer or keep a lot of stash yarn pictured on my Flickr. I been at this all morning. I just want to knit! So, I am gonna take a Ravelry break and work on my Booties.

Fiber Cravings

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Do ya’ll ever get that feeling? I am getting that antsy feeling again. Fiber! Not just any fiber craving. I am craving a Malabrigo or a Manos Del Uraguay. In some kind of fabulous pink, purple, or verigated green and purple.  I think I am sick and that is just what the Dr. has ordered. I been scouring ebay for an hour. I think I am going to just give up and go stash diving in a few minutes. Maybe, I can find something to satisfy that craving. I might only need to brush it across the side of my face to feel the softness or just hold on to it for a moment,  just to come back to reality to imagine another project.

I think I get this way when get bored with what I am knitting. I am making a pair of Christine’s Stay on Baby Bootie’s I found through Ravelry.  I am using a pretty pink cascade yarn called fixation. It is stretchy.  I have not gotten to the short row shaping yet and they look like they could fit an older toddler. I frogged the first attempt due to the sole looking way to small.  Ugg.. I love the yarn I am using.  I guess I will keep knitting along and judge it later. I blogged about the booties in another post. It it probably right below this one. Check it out!

Elf on A Shelf

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Elf on A Shelf

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Have you seen him? Is he at your house? Our Elf’s name is Jack. He has come from the North Pole to keep a keen eye on Tiffany. Every night he reports to Santa at the North Pole about if Tiffany has been naughty or nice. He returns the next morning before she wakes up. He is hiding in a new place. Jack is the first thing she looks for now when she wakes up. I love Jack! I can’t wait for him to come back next year. What a wonderful tradition to have with your children.

Power Shopping and Panic!

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Ok. I think I am officially done with my Christmas Shopping. I am so thankful for that. I have to say my friend and I got a lot accomplished today in our 12 hour jaunt to Jacksonville today. My friends huband and mine kept the children while we took the day to go out by ourselves.  It was so nice having lunch without the kids today.  I did not miss the 20 trips to the girls room, cutting the food and constant interruptions. I love my daughter… I was just so thankful for a little me time. It’s nice not to have to be in Momma mode for a change.  Even though the shopping was for her and everyone else…. Why do men not get it? Hubby was cranky by 7:00 when I called to check in. He said the kids were cranky thus making him cranky. What a scrooge! Anyway, I was starting to then panicing about “hurry up get home”. Kids are only cranky when tired or hungry. Football was on. I was wondering if the Daddies were tending to our girls or watching the games! Most men do not multi-task! Then I get home and all is fine… The other Daddy went home with my friends 2 girls and my girl was happy as a clam! Thank goodness……. I just wanna know why women get such a hard time when it comes to the men having to tend to the children sometimes? Don’t we deserve a little time to just be a girlfriend or have some me time. I had to think it was months since Tiffany was left at home for a day with Daddy. It makes me a little sad they don’t have more time together. That he cannot see In her eyes Daddy hung the moon and all the stars……..Bear with me ladies.. I know ya’ll are with me on this.. Yet, it’s me ( Mama who does all the work)! Uhh, I know she loves me and wouldn’t trade me for anything.. It’s just a different thing I guess that Daddy and Daughter connection.  So, on that note. I am off to wrap some gifts..