Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

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Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

This is the Kids Club Skirt from the book Greetings From the Knit Cafe. I love this book. I also loved knitting this skirt! It was fun. It was also a great stash buster. You can pretty much just use what you have. Some of the striping though is Noro Kureyon. There is a litte Bazic superwash is Yellow. I also added some On-Line Punta and Lion brand orange eyelash just for funsie’s. Looks like I more different yarns than I actually did. Thank you Noro 🙂 lol…. My daughter has patiently waited for me to finish it. I will have to add a picture of her wearing it when she finally gets to try it on for me. Oh she’ll be so excited to see it done tomorrow when she gets home! I can’t wait to make a 2nd one! Enjoy!


1st Place Baby!

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1st Place Baby!

Of course I need to share this with everyone. This is Tiffany’s first out of school tournament for Tae Kwon Do. She took 1st place on Forms in her division! That was the only category I let her compete in. Mama and Daddy are so proud of her! Next month there is a March Madness tournament she will be competing in. I hope she will be ready to compete in all the categories this next time around. She has some work to do this month to prepare. She was on cloud 9 today winning this trophy! She actually kissed it!

My ladder Shawl

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This is a Chris Bylsma pattern.  By the way she is one of my favorite designers. I have alot of her patterns. The name of this finished pattern is Ladder Shawl. I loved working on this project. It used tons of stash yarn. I enjoyed the randomness of which yarns to use. I took Stashology 101 at my LYS. Chris Bylsma came herself and taught the class. That is when I first saw the shawl. She brought with her completed items from a lot the patterns she wrote. I knew I had to make it.I adjusted mine to be longer than the pattern called for. It is easily 9 feet long. I did this to use more yarn and I wanted to be able to wrap it around a couple times. Some of the stash yarn used was Berroco Glace, Noro Kureyon, Manos Del Uruguay, Trendsetter eyelash, Venezia and many more others. The colors were just all earthy blah colors besides the red and pinks.  Most yarns that were purchased in my stash were just orphans that were significanlty reduced in price. All nice yarns though. I will have to check my pattern. Every time I introduced a new yarn I wrote it on my pattern. When I find the list I will update this post here on my blog. The hardest part for me was when doing the ladders I had some mohair in here and it was a b. to separate from the Manos and Kureyon at times. The other issue was it was very time consuming weaving all the ends in every where. I’m glad I made this. I have to say it is very warm and cozy despite it being such an open pattern. I will also be adding this to my Ravelry notebook and posting to the Stash and Burn 2008 group! Enjoy!

Think Pink Swap

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Pink Swap

Look at the wonderful pinkness that is happening here! I want to thank Kessa my wonderful Think Pink spoiler. My wheels are spinning on what to make out the nice yarn. The stitch markers are so cute and totally me!I love all the yarn and the goodies! Thank you again! It was fun!

Charity Hats for Preemie’s from Ravelry’s Itty Bitty Knits Group

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Charity Hats for Preemie’s

I want to give a big group hug to everyone who participated in the January Knit along for charity. The hats as some of you know will be going to Stitches From the Heart. There was a total of 27 hats, a sweater set and hat, and a sweater vest. Along with the handknits Beth sent yarn to donate and some money to put towards the postage! Thank you 🙂 Thank you very much to all of you who participated! It was very nice of you all to share you time, yarn and talent for the babies! The hats and sweaters were just adorable and I know some new Mommy will love seeing them on their little bundles of joy. I hope that more people join in and make February even better. If interested and you have Ravelry Jess is February’s host She can be contacted on Ravelry she is Shoelesswonder. She would be glad to give you any info you would need. Or you can Check out the itty bitty knits group. We have tons of stuff posted there about our knit a long. Hope you join! Thanks again to all who participated!

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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Another birthday! The years seem to be going faster and faster. Today I will be spending my birthday in the car driving with my favorite girl! I am dragging my feet getting in the car. I am visiting my sister. Oh, it is a long ride to NC from WV/MD area..I was supposed to go yesterday. It’s hard leaving the girls though. Trixie will be missing her cousin’s! We had a great time. I just wanna get home before the bad weather strikes here tomorrow. My sister said ice and freezing rain. She lives on a mountain and well.. it might be a bit hard getting out!

Tomorrow I will be posting about “My So Called Scarf” I just casted on for. I also have some other knitting to be blogging about but do not want to do so until I can get some more pictures! Have a great day!

Yarn Review Wednesday’s

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Knit One Crochet Too PJ’s

As I was stash diving today. I had a great thought! I am going to start a review of something I find in my stash. I am hoping for some interaction here. Please, join me! I wanna know your feelings on the yarn. Have you knit with it? What did you make? How did it wash? Did it wear well? Would you use it again? Do tell!

Anyway, here we go. Today I am choosing this lovely soft yarn. It is called PJ’s by Knit One Crochet Too. I was at the yarn shop. I remember feeling this yarn. I left with out buying it. It was all I thought about. The very next day I went back and purchased 10 of these babies. I have not knit anything with it yet. I love to pet it though. I dunno what I am waiting for. I think my daughter would love something out of this because it feels like cozy flannel bed sheets. I wish there was more variety in the colors offered. Tell me what you know about this yarn!