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Oh Confection ;)

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I just wanted to share the lasted Test Knit called Confection. It is a new free pattern from She-Knits. I have blog listed on my blog roll under blogs I read. It will be available on Ravelry as a free pattern soon, so be watching for it. It is a Baby Shrug. This is a size 3 month. I used some yarn from my stash called Bazic Wool. It is a Superwash wool by Classic Elite Yarns. It was a great knit and fun to do. The shrug still needs to be blocked. Which I will get to and post about later. I dunno if it is a good idea or not, but I think I am going to Kool-Aid dye it. I will post about it tomorrow or the next day. It will be my first try at this process.


Charity Hats for Preemie’s from Ravelry’s Itty Bitty Knits Group

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Charity Hats for Preemie’s

I want to give a big group hug to everyone who participated in the January Knit along for charity. The hats as some of you know will be going to Stitches From the Heart. There was a total of 27 hats, a sweater set and hat, and a sweater vest. Along with the handknits Beth sent yarn to donate and some money to put towards the postage! Thank you 🙂 Thank you very much to all of you who participated! It was very nice of you all to share you time, yarn and talent for the babies! The hats and sweaters were just adorable and I know some new Mommy will love seeing them on their little bundles of joy. I hope that more people join in and make February even better. If interested and you have Ravelry Jess is February’s host She can be contacted on Ravelry she is Shoelesswonder. She would be glad to give you any info you would need. Or you can Check out the itty bitty knits group. We have tons of stuff posted there about our knit a long. Hope you join! Thanks again to all who participated!

Bootie 2 Ya!

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Well, they are coming along. Here is my progress on bootie number 2. 80% of the 2nd bootie was knitted at gymnastics and taekwondo tonight. It is such an easy pattern to memorize while knitting. I was a little nervous as I was knitting the first one. I had no physical picture to refer to while knitting. So, I had to go to Ravelry to look at finished ones. I just said to myself, do what the pattern says. Trust it .. So it made better sense when I started the short rows there the toe of the bootie. I hope they are kick proof! The are cute. I may do some to donate to Stitches From The Heart. However, my charity knitting is kinda on hold. I finished one hat. I planned on finishing 5. Life has gotten in the way of my plans once again. My sisters baby shower is on the 9th of February. So…Her hand knits have taken a priority. We think her baby will be here early. It is her 4th one and all the others were early. I hope she doesn’t cough or sneeze when she is labor on the way to the hospital this time.. She has very quick and easy deliveries.. I am praying she does not have the baby on the side of the road in the car. Well, she wouldn’t be the first lady it has happened to. Lucky her.

How Cute! Booties!

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This is the first bootie completed. I do get 2nd sock syndrome. I have to tell you though I have casted on right away for the 2nd one. The eyelets you notice in the bootie are waiting for a pretty ribbon. These booties were fun and fast to knit. It took my awhile to finish it not because of being hard. It was that I got involved in listing stash on Ravelry, daughters schedule and our move. I can’t wait to give these to my sister at her baby shower. The booties are a great stash buster. These again are knit in Cascade Fixation yarn. I’m sure you could use just about anything you wanted permitting you use judgement to get the size you need. The pattern is a FREE pattern for Christine’s Stay On Baby Booties. I originally found it through Ravelry looking at the baby booties that were completed. The link is located on my side bar if your interested.

Knit a Long for Charity

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Some of you may know that my group on Ravelry is doing a knit a long. If you are a Ravelry member and would like to check it out the group is called itty bitty knits. My charity I choose was Stitches From the Heart.  I will be sending my package off the first week of February after all the hats etc come in. I will be posting pictures of these adorable items. Our theme though is we decided to knit the hats out of the Itty Bitty Hats book by Susan B. Anderson to donate. We are using smaller needles and thinner yarns to get a better size for the preemie babies. We will be doing this every month with a new host and the charity of their choice. Come on by if your interested! You all are all welcome to participate. The more the merrier!

Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties

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Christine’s Stay on Baby Booties

I found this pattern on Ravelry. If any of you have made these. I am only as you can see getting ready to begin the 2 group of knitting in the round. The sides and front of the foot seem like they will be kinda high. So, I am getting closer to the point where you have to do the short rows for the shaping. These are being knitted on a size 4 needle. I used size 1 dpn’s on the first try and they were way, way too small. So, It is now looking like a 4 might be way , way too large.. If you are interested in this pattern you can use the link in my blogroll. It is a free pattern. I love the little story they tell about it.