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Paybacks are a B**ch!!!!!!

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I dunno what to say….. I have been going nuts trying to find Julia yarn by Nashua. Well, I found some on Ebay. I ordered 10 skeins. I picked 4 different colors. So, this is what Trixie, did to it. She got her scissors out to do crafts. I gave her a ball of Peaches and Cream she could totally annihilate, do whatever she wanted to. I guess it was not good enough or she got bored. She it cut it to pieces and glues it to paper and so on. Well, She was quiet and I thought I should check on her…. Well, she swiped my brand new precious Julia in midnight blue (1 of the 2 I ordered).. I guess it could be worse. It wasn’t her hair. No one is hurt. I just started letting her have scissors again. She recently in the past experimented on her bed sheet. I was upset. I found after washing them that there were tears or cuts. I look closer and realize that they looked too perfect for the washing machine to have eaten the sheets. So, she finally admitted to me she made the cuts with scissors. Then a week later I found more cuts when I laundered the sheets again. She admitted again. Uggg.. She is making me crazy. I love her so much. I just wish she would stop with the scissors.. It has just dawned on me writing this post, I guess this is my payback. My Mom had to hide all the scissors in the house when I was little. When I was her age my friend left all her Barbies at my house. She was so mean to me all the time. Kinda bullyish. Maybe, she didn’t deserve it but, I gave every last Barbie she had a haircut. Yeah, I was in trouble for that one. I was allowed to go to her house and play the following week and all her Barbie’s had wigs! I thought it was funny for years after that later. I guess paybacks are a B**ch sometimes. Well, the cutting never stopped in my case. I became a hairstylist and scissors are my weapon of choice.. I am glad now that I did not yell at her or punish her. We had a long talk about it though.


Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

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Kids Club Skirt from Knit Cafe Book

This is the Kids Club Skirt from the book Greetings From the Knit Cafe. I love this book. I also loved knitting this skirt! It was fun. It was also a great stash buster. You can pretty much just use what you have. Some of the striping though is Noro Kureyon. There is a litte Bazic superwash is Yellow. I also added some On-Line Punta and Lion brand orange eyelash just for funsie’s. Looks like I more different yarns than I actually did. Thank you Noro 🙂 lol…. My daughter has patiently waited for me to finish it. I will have to add a picture of her wearing it when she finally gets to try it on for me. Oh she’ll be so excited to see it done tomorrow when she gets home! I can’t wait to make a 2nd one! Enjoy!

1st Place Baby!

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1st Place Baby!

Of course I need to share this with everyone. This is Tiffany’s first out of school tournament for Tae Kwon Do. She took 1st place on Forms in her division! That was the only category I let her compete in. Mama and Daddy are so proud of her! Next month there is a March Madness tournament she will be competing in. I hope she will be ready to compete in all the categories this next time around. She has some work to do this month to prepare. She was on cloud 9 today winning this trophy! She actually kissed it!

Tiffany’s 1st Scarf / Knitting

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Tiffany’s 1st knitting

This is about all I let her do tonight. Not bad at all. She is so sweet. Trixie said to me.. Mama.. you know what I am doing? I said, no honey I am not sure. She said I am making this scarf for you to wear! What a way to melt my heart! I will wear it and can’t wait for her to finish it 🙂 This is the knitting kit Daddy picked out to give her for Christmas. He did good!

Say Cheese Trixie

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OK, I had to have her stop for a second to capture and savour the moment. She is thrilled with all the praise she is getting and is eating it all up. Ahh, I am so proud of her. She made my day. I hope she finds the joy in knitting that I have. I love you Trixie!

It’s late..I think she gets it!

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This is Trixie in the process of learning to knit. It’s bed time and I am letting it go. I was able to walk away get the camera and take some pictures while she was so intently knitting. The needles are really too bog for her to handle. I think she is holding her own though!

She stole my glasses and my knitting!

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She stole my glasses and knitting!

Ok, I remember imitating my Mom when I was little. It was to be mean though… I just had to laugh when I saw this going on while I was making dinner tonight. I thought to myself is she being a brat and making fun of me? I am thinking my perscription glasses are going to hurt her eyes.  So, I watched closer without laughing. She say’s do I look like a grandma? With my glasses down on her nose like my Mom. lol… She was really trying to get her knit on…. Then she has an idea and went running to the garage and I knew what was coming next..So, she remembered her knitting kit Daddy got her for Christmas. She remembered it was sitting in the garage with some of her things. Instantly she wanted to knit with her needles which are like a 15 and her rainbow yarn! So, I feel a little bad that I gave her a hard time about opening it. Finally I gave in and said OK. If you want to open this kit you have to learn how to knit a scarf. I have to teach you how to do it. She agreed. I then casted on for her. I held her hands through the first row. We said the rhyme. I didn’t count but I think she did 3 or 4 rows by herself. I watched with amazement! I felt so much joy. So, after that I took it away from her. I said if you are good and your listening is good tomorrow I will let you do some more. I think that is something I read about EZ’s mother doing to her when she learned to knit. She only allowed her to do just a little everyday. She had to earn it. So, Tiffany was very excited that she could do more tomorrow! We will see…I am going to bed a happy Mama tonight..