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Review Wednesday! Cupcake Mitts!! Who Say’s You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!!!

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Cupcake Mitts

After seeing these and getting the pattern. I wanted to include these on my Wednesday review. I know I usually talk about yarn. I could not resist doing this pattern today and it does tie in with yarn. I had to get this pattern after seeing these on Ravelry. I think they are so cute. Don’t you? They look like a lot of fun to make. The beautiful yarn is Nashua Julia. It is a blend of wool, alpaca and mohair. The colors are to dye for! The softness of the yarn makes it a pure pleasure to knit with and wear. I will be starting my children’s version of the Cupcake Mitts today. There is an additional post about the children’s pattern right below this one. I will blog about my process soon 🙂

I had never purchased from Etsy and wanted to tell everyone how easy and nice it was compared to using ebay. This was my first purchase from Etsy. I will certainly go back to shop for more. Karen, I hope you keep writing cute patterns. You’re so talented. If you have to have these too you can purchase the pattern from  on Etsy. I also have included her link to the right in my Blogroll!  Psst… Tell her I sent you! Enjoy 🙂


More Cup Cake Mitts

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Cupcake Mitts

This is a picture of the children’s Cupcake Mitts Pattern, by Karen Neal. I will be starting to knit a pair today! I think they are so adorable. I think that my daughter would love these. They are so cheery and bright.  Perfect for the little cupcake in your life! I will post my progress to show the world!

 This pattern can be found on Etsy for purchase from  BTW, tell her I sent you!

Share Your Tiffany Leg Warmers FO’s

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How’s everyone? I just wanted to leave a quick post here. If you have made my Tiffany Leg Warmers.  Please share your pictures with me here. I would love to see your version with your yarn selections.

Just had to share…

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You know me. I like to share. I wanted to pass along. There is a website for Larissa Brown’s new book coming out called Knitalong. The website is Now I am excited.  Plus, I all ready plugged it in a post a while back. I have been waiting for this book to come out. I would pre order but the book is out in March and we are moving. So, Just gonna wait til lit hits the shelves I guess. You know what the nice thing was. You could go to the site about the book and save these projects in your Ravelry queue! There is 20 projects that are just to cute for words! You know I can’t wait to get my mits on this book… I have made Larissa’s Meathead hat a few times over now and her Fixie Hat. Her patterns are fresh and something different! She has been wonderful helping me with any questions I had about the patterns also! I just know her book will do well! Check it out! Pre order! I think it is a must have.. I must have and so should U. I have to say I am not afflilated with the Author. I love the idea and concept of this book. It is something different that I do not all ready own in my book library. Besides lots of people like KALS 🙂

Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together

This Felt So Good!

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  This was my first felted project. I mainly use it as a knitting bag now. This pattern was very easy. I love how the Cascade 220 felted when knitted with a double strand. This is a good thick felt. Very durable. One color was a solid and the other was a mixed strand of 220. I will have to locate the pattern. It was a free pattern that I used off the internet. You can find the pattern at  Mine looks much different. It could be due to the yarn I used or how I blocked it. Cascade 220 felts different than Lopi. Lopi is more of a fuzzy and soft look. The Cascade 220 doubled got a thick tight felt. . I felted it alot in the washer. To Block,  I rolled most of the water out in towels. I put the felted bag over VCR tapes in a plastic bag. I stretched and molded my bag around all the tapes until it looked how I wanted it to look. It took about 3 to 4 days to dry and block. During that time I did not touch it. Blocking can be magic sometimes.  I am kinda amazed how the camera was able to capture the stitches in the bag. It doesn’t show looking at it with the eye. Also about the felting with the 2 different colors. It was clearly noticeable before the felting took place. The felting kinda caused all the colors to melt in to one another. I love this bag!

OK, It’s time!

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The pictures are coming! I promise! Today if it kills me. I have to finish a Tiffany Legwarmers for her Birthday today (Just a few more rows will do the trick) ! Wow….Maybe Tiffany can model them?? We shall see about that when she wakes up.. It depends on her mood when she wakes up. So, far I have the Nipper Tails Hat, Tiffany Leg Warmers and I have a Test Pattern on my needles. Which is going to be a surprise. It is not my design. I will post a picture of the FO when it is done. It is being knitted in lovely Noro Silk Garden. In pink purple and brownish colorway. My favorite! I need to CO of Fingerless mitts to go with the Leg Warmers. Today, I have the vision to get some UFO’s finished! Right before Christmas hustle and bustles begins.