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Just one more!

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I just had to add this to my blog! I love that smiling face! This child just makes my day every day! She is such a joy to us. This is her true personality just shining though. It melts my heart every time! Let’s face it. We all love to see our kids succeed and reach their goals.  Everyone should have goals in life.


I got my green belt!

Posted in Pictures, Whatever Else with tags , , on December 14, 2007 by yarnoverheels

I got my green belt!

We been looking for this day for a long time. I just have to announce after 58 classes / 7 months, Tiffany finally has earned her green belt. Right after having her 5th birthday. Let’s just hope she gets her purple belt before she is 6! She is so proud of her new belt. I am so proud of her! There is a whole new level of excitement now with a green belt. Tiffany gets to move to the bigger kids class. Today we watched the black belt testing. It was amazing! Tiffany will be there before I know it. She has not taken the belt off yet tonight. I bet she is going to sleep with it tonight… All I can say is sweet dreams my baby.. enjoy it.